How to explain hydrolock in a diesel engine?

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Re: How to explain hydrolock in a diesel engine?

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Re: How to explain hydrolock in a diesel engine?

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Re: How to explain hydrolock in a diesel engine?

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If you wish to read about the effect of a hydrolock in a "running" slow speed engine check out the engine replacement on the Great Lakes vessel Algoville. The vessel's original 6 cylinder MAN engine suffered a hydraulic lock in one cylinder as a result of a cracked piston crown and piston cooling water entered the cylinder. The result was complete destruction of the engine.
On the Algoisle, which has a similar MAN K6Z78/155 engine, the engine is turned on the turning gear with the cylinder safety valves levered open, the engine is also rolled on air with the relief valves open immediately prior to starting and at regular intervals while at anchor. The water level in the Piston cooling system is closely monitored so potentially disasterous leaks can be detected as soon as possible
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