Jack up Rig ballast and fire pump

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Jack up Rig ballast and fire pump

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Good Day, If anyone has an experience on Jack up rigs I hope they can answer this question.
A jack up rig sometimes has the hull in the water and sometimes out of the water , at varying air drafts too. But regardless of what position the hull is in it has to have fire water , cooling water and , I think Ballast water , all the time.
How does it compensate for these differences fixed platforms and some FPSO's have a submerged pump in a caisson hanging over the side , but I cant see how that would work on a jack up.

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Re: Jack up Rig ballast and fire pump

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Ballast is recirculated for cooling until it's fully jacked and suction lowered down to water, fixed water-mist uses freshwater anyway and ballast can be used for fire/GS.

Not been on one but just from talking to mates..

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