mmpx 404 alfa laval problems.

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Re: mmpx 404 alfa laval problems.

Postby Big Pete » Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:10 pm

I do not think that buying a service pack is any more expensive than buying a full set of "O" rings and gaskets seperately, indeed it is probably cheaper!
The only way you would save money by buying the "O" rings seperately would be if you didn't change all the "O" rings, i.e. you dont overhaul the purifier properly, which is asking for trouble.
One of the useful things about buying a kit is that when you have rebuilt the purifier, there should be nothing left from the kit (except the seals for clarifier use). If you have something left over you know you have not done the overhaul properly.

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Re: mmpx 404 alfa laval problems.

Postby JK » Thu Oct 17, 2013 3:27 am

if you are ordering rings individually, can they be bootleg parts ?
It can be difficult to tell.

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Re: mmpx 404 alfa laval problems.

Postby trophychris » Thu Oct 24, 2013 11:50 am

As has been said so far, check the water supply and check water level in the tank. Remove tank and check the ball cock, it has a small replaceable rubber in the valve.
As for square rings in the sliding bowl mechanism, if the sealing water is leaking there will be water coming out of the middle drain hose after discharge (allow a reasonable time (couple of minutes) for the discharge cycle water to clear and then this drain should be dry). The main wearing part in the bowl is the sliding ring; with poor water the inner sliding surfaces of this component wear away and/or get pitted and you will find the corresponding square ring sometimes comes out of its groove, after the bad surface has worn it down sufficiently. Usually the purifier will fail before its scheduled service and you get to know how long after a while.
Also we have had a slack belt contributing to this problem. Although the belt was tightened, the belt pulley was worn out unevenly and the belt moved up and wore away some of the width, lessening the grip and compounding the problem. There was not enough speed to close the bowl. We had to do a major service and renew the belt pulley. There should be an ammeter on the motor starter, you can use this to diagnose drive issues. When this purifier was playing up the current was lower than normal as the belt slipped.
Hope these observations help, been playing with this model for 20 years!

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Re: mmpx 404 alfa laval problems.

Postby Gilbert » Wed Aug 06, 2014 4:10 pm

I have been working with an Alfa Laval MMPX404SGP-11 for 4 years. On my vessel, when the bowl cover won’t close when reassembling, it is usually because the dowel (part# 222111-95) between the Distributing Ring Upper (part# 561104-83) & the Operating Slide (part#545654-02) is out of place. If an inexperienced or drunk crewmembers tries to beat the cover on with a hammer to line up the two “O” alignment marks, the Inlet Pipe with Paring Disc will be ruined.

Often when reassembling the purifier after routine maintenance we will run into the problem of the unit dumping the fuel oil. After taking the purifier apart again, we usually find the bowl is empty of fuel oil. Most of the time it has been the Rectangular Ring (part#545800-01) on the bottom of the Distributing Ring Upper. If it is slightly out of line or damaged, no fuel oil will enter the bowl. More than few times it has been the Valves Plugs (part#545871-01). Once or twice the problem was a loose belt that prevented the purifier from coming to proper speed. One member of our engine room team swears it’s the Seal Ring (part#541691-02) on the Bowl Hood but no one agrees with him. But we always check Rectangular Ring #545800-01 first. No two ships or pieces of equipment are identical but this is how it works with our haunted Alfa Laval Purifier.

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Re: mmpx 404 alfa laval problems.

Postby bmenz » Wed Aug 24, 2016 12:26 am

hi again . with the bowl not closing i could offer a few comments, i would strip the purifier right down and remove the bowl with just the spindle in place, then i would start the purifier , with the spindle cap screwed in. you should see water being sprayed out everywhere. this will confirm you do not have a water problem. if this doesnt happen then i would look at the blade / knife / pump ( if anyone knows how this pump works please put up a post) . if that is good then i would measure the rpm should be 9000 plus change if not renew drive belt and also check the cenrifugal clutch, these can frett where the bearings go, but it also could be bearings for the spindle. we had this problem recently . we checked everything and all looked ok . we changed the berings then worked straight away. good luck

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