Building in China?

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Building in China?

Postby Halifax_Stoker » Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:51 am

I have been in China for 6 months now working on a New Build Project for my company. Since coming to China I found getting quality tools and supplies difficult with the language barrier and with so many low grade manufacturers over here. But my company dealt with a Ships Chandler Service who I found was actually more professional and organized than most Chandler's I have dealt with in Canada. So if you are ever in China and need any type of logistical help I suggest contacting Goldensun Marine. The General Manager's Name is Mr. Ritchie Ling and he can be contacted at . He was able to track down Specific brand name toold for me like Fluke, Bahco, and my favorite Endura (which was his suggestion). I know there is a lot of Western content in China presently and I figured some of you may appreciate Quality Service if you are ever over this way... As for me I am even considering ordering my personnel tools from him once back in Canada. Since I cannot locate an Endura distributer back home.

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Re: Building in China?

Postby Brad » Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:47 pm

Thanks for the post.
I am also in China, working out of Qidong, about an hour out of Shanghai. We have most items sent to Singers from Europe directly, usually two containers full. All local items bought are just to get the ship down to Singapore where all spares and tools are then stored up. As part of the Technical Agreement the yard is to provide all critical spares, so the ships don't go out empty handed so to speak. When it comes to tools what we are getting for the ships maiden voyage is relatively good, Makita/Dewalt/Fluke/etc. so it isn't the worst of gear, apart from the metal stock, chain blocks and lifting gear. But again it's just to get down to Singapore. As I don't deal with the chandler as such we seem to be doing ok it seems. I'll pass on the contact though just to see if the pricing is comparable.



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