Chiefs Standing Orders Good Laugh

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Chiefs Standing Orders Good Laugh

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Re: Chiefs Standing Orders Good Laugh

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I like it.
Except for the "keeping your mouth shut" and "what happens in the Engine Room stays in the E.R."
I believe in good communication, all problems are more easily solved by discusing them than by trying to fix them alone.
Any individual or Department that wants to be respected and trusted has to tell the truth, however painfull it may be to admit cock ups.
Screw ups will be become evident at some point, useually at a dangerous time, far better to own up and fix the problem. The Chief/ Captain would much prefer you told him about the problem than you tried to conceal it, then some essential piece of machinery fails at a critical time. I always tell my crew that, and with about 30 years experience as a Chief it is true.

I had an auditor on board a ship recently and he was complaining that the Chief Engineers standing orders did not cover everything that could go wrong in the Engine room. His opinion, ( as a former Deck Officer) was that the Chief's standing Orders should cover detailed instructions to deal with every possible combination of circumstances that the watchkeeping/Duty Engineer could possibly encounter. I told him that that was impossible, because it would include the entire Engineering sylabus from cadet to Chief Engineer, all the Class, Statutory & Flag State Rules, and all the instruction manuals on the ship, plus a lifetimes practical experience. His response was that if anything ever went wrong in the Engine Room and I had not given detailed specific instructions on how to deal with the problem, I would be held responsible.

Time to retire I think.

It is always better to ask a stupid question than to do a stupid thing.

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