Supply Boats From Other Countries Operating In Canada

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Supply Boats From Other Countries Operating In Canada

Post by Aavenger »

Im an Engineer here on the East Coast Newfoundland to be exact,recently I have seen a proliferation of state of the art AHSTs and other specalized ships from the oil patch
operating in our waters.While I have seen a few ads for A/Bs and motormen at terrific salaries,I have seen no ads for deck officers or engineering officers?Under the Atlantic Accord Canadians should be crewing these vessel and or be trained to.Martin your a terric sleuth put you talents to work and find out whats this being monitored or are they slipping by(as i suspect) Anyone have any comments or info?

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Re: Supply Boats From Other Countries Operating In Canada

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Hi Aavenger,

I am sailing as Chief Engineer on a Supply Boat in the North Sea at present, British Flag and the Captains on both shifts are Canadian, the Chief Mate on each shift is British, the Cooks and ABs are British but the rest are a mixture of Poles and Latvians. The management are placing crewing contracts in the Philipines because they cant get enough crew from Europe at the wages they are willing to pay.

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Re: Supply Boats From Other Countries Operating In Canada

Post by JollyJack »

Coasting Trade licenses are granted to foreign flag vessels by the Canadian Transportation Agency in Ottawa only when there are no Canadian flag vessels which are suitable for the job. The license so granted is dependant on the satisfactory result of an inspection by Transport Canada Marine Safety to ensure the vessel meets Canadian standards and has a finite period of validity. Current coasting trade licenses and applications are posted publically here: ... ce_eng.cfm

Only these ships listed there can legally operate within Canadian waters, so if a ship not on this list is, for example, servicing a rig, then get in touch with the Canadian Transportation Agency on any of the contact media here:

Tel.: 1-888-222-2592
Fax: 819-997-6727
TTY: 1-800-669-5575
Web site comments:

Canadian Transportation Agency
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0N9

Canadian Transportation Agency
15 Eddy Street
Gatineau, Quebec
J8X 4B3

There are 56 Coasing Trade licenses out for 2013, the list is at the bottom of the page.
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Re: Supply Boats From Other Countries Operating In Canada

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Working on and it is full Canadian crew onboard

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Re: Supply Boats From Other Countries Operating In Canada

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Sorry I forgot to answer your original post, I was at sea, and had shitty internet.

Yes, it is a big issue, one that I only see snowballin'.I have been personally affected, and I am not happy about it. The government does not say anything or at least not to me, nor do I find statements about cabotage in Canada, but the action they take, suggest a we are well onto a slippery slope. The reason I say this is the point you brought out is that many PSV, and for me, Tankers, ATB and the likes, are granted waivers. I don't find these vessel types to be particularly specialized compared to a fall pipe rock layer, or a drill ship, etc.

For instance, Irving Oil is granted waivers on a routine basis, just last week they were applying for a product tanker to move product between NB and Montreal, Quebec. Come on, really, WTF, isthere no Canadian tanker to fill that need... a product tanker!!! If not. How long is Irving Oil going to be granted waivers before they are told to consider buying their own, chartering a Cdn one, or otherwise stop breaking Canadian cabotage rules, and start contributing to Canada's seafaring community and tax base, which they rely on so heavily in the forms of government contracts and grants and other BS considerations.

I think granting these constant waivers is wrong on so many levels. I have been harping about it considerably on the Blog, my Twitter, etc, but then again I am just a lowly web guy, and seafarer to boot. The level of respect we garner, political or otherwise, is next to miniscule. You can find some of them at, my twitter feed is @dieselduckster

As Jolly jack said, you can follow the CTA's decisions from their website. I also signed up to received them by email, but then again it seems they are inconsistencies in receiving those, in a timely fashion. ... ce_eng.cfm is the place to see which have been granted.

Oh BTW, its nice to follow the waiver applications, but nobody, except for Canadian ship owners have anything to say to impact the granting of waivers. But of interest to me; I was sent a fax of one notice, the one for a ONE YEAR, yes, a full year waiver, that was granted to a cable ship for Hibernia. The distribution, see attached document, included the Guild, CMOU, and the SIU. I have contacted the SIU and the Guild personally for comment on waivers, and never received any reply.
2013.09-CTA Waiver_Pacific-Guardian.pdf
Hibernia's Pacific Guardian waiver application
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