El Faro sinking

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Re: El Faro sinking

Postby JK » Sat Dec 17, 2016 10:57 am

And the water you ballasted with on the high side is now added to the flooding on the new low side and the ship capsizes.
I wonder if they were in the situation of angle of loll. I don't remember ever seeing the term used reading about the incident.

The video on GCaptain was interesting regarding the top ten failures of the investigation:
https://gcaptain.com/el-faro-top-10-fai ... glive-e21/

In it he talk about the US version of DSIP, where class takes over inspection from the national body. I know that all the guys that do the grunt work at my level are uniformly against it and consider it a disaster in the making.
He refers to the SS Marine Electric, which I had to Google. It is worth reading. History repeats.

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