M/V Anna Desgagnés aground

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M/V Anna Desgagnés aground

Postby JK » Wed Jul 06, 2016 5:41 am

The CE is having a bad week

The sealift ship M/V Anna Desgagnés suffered "not much damage," after running aground Sunday in the St. Lawrence River, says Groupe Desgagnés.

The cargo vessel was quickly brought to port and the vessel is expected to be released by late afternoon, said Benoit Chassé, a vice president with the company.

"The vessel will be released shortly and there should be no further impact because there's no damage to the hull. There's no other damage to the vessel that were sustained by this incident."

Anna Desgagnes
A truck destined for Nunavut is loaded on the Anna Desgagnés in Ste. Catherine near Montreal in 2014. (Peter Worden/CBC)

Chassé says the vessel ran into problems because of an issue with a hydraulic steering pump, which has now been sent for testing and replaced.

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/ann ... -1.3664618

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