USN New Ship Woes

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USN New Ship Woes

Postby JK » Thu Sep 22, 2016 4:11 am

Anyone else reading about the running issues that the USN is having with the new ships they are building?
Gearboxes, engines and now SW leaks in the Zumwalt destroyers propulsion.

Although it is normal for issues to arise during pre-commissioning tests, the incident comes after the Navy ordered an “engineering stand down” for all crews assigned to the Navy’s new Littoral Combat Ships following multiple recent engineering casualties aboard the Freedom-class LCS’. The stand down was ordered so that crews could review procedures and standards to ensure they are “fully prepared” to operate the ships safely.

These are cutting edge ships, so issues can be expected. But, OMG, 4 billion blows me away.....

The USS Zumwalt is rumored to have cost close to $4 billion. It is one of three planned ships in the Navy’s $22 billion, next-generation Zumwalt destroyer program.


This is a good article on the LCS class. It points at a number of issues. Engineering, small crews and what seems to be a pie in the sky approach;
we want fast
how fast?
I don't know, fast, really fast!

2 gas turbines coupled with 2 diesels through an elaborate gearbox.

and aluminum hulls!! Holy crap, if you haven't dealt with aluminum hulls, count yourself lucky. They like to corrode from the inside out and outside in.

Maybe they should have trialed one before building 4?:

A US Navy announcement for an overhaul external link external link of the troubled Littoral Combat Ship program will include turning the first four ships into test vessels. The change comes after the naval branch announced an engineering stand-down for LCS crews following an August 29 engineering casualty on the USS Coronado. Under Thursday’s plan, the Freedom, Independence, Fort Worth and Coronado will become single-crewed testing ships that could be deployed as fleet assets on a limited basis, the Navy said. ... ted-01343/

It seems multi-tasking ships with modules is pretty difficult. Much more difficult then it is passed off to be.
You end up with a platform that doesn't do very well at anything maybe? Or costs a bucketful of money.

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Re: USN New Ship Woes

Postby JollyJack » Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:37 am

If the USN is anything like the RCN, they have no idea what ships are or what they do. As I heard one multi-ringer say while we were putting Halifax through her builder's trials, "This would be a great job if is wasn't for all these boats."
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Re: USN New Ship Woes

Postby Merlyn » Mon Sep 26, 2016 8:21 am

Well over here we have all six of the latest top secret type 45 warships laid up.
Rolls Royce gas turbines whose aftercoolers fail when the sea temp comes up as in the Mediterranean climes and actually trips out all the power supply to the driveshaft electric motors.
Totally so to render the ship " dead in the water " in more ways than one.
So if you have ever had a bad steak or don't like the UK please be aware that lobbing shells/ missiles at any of our top secret technology ships is considered to be of an unfair advantage and as such against the rules of engagement and pertaining to be an unfair advantage in sunnier climes.
Rolls Royce say it's designed exactly to your cost cutting spec, our government say don't be so silly, we are top dog civil servants who never, ever make mistakes.
Can't talk about it anyway they state for fear of contravening the official secrets act. ( what a get out )
Meanwhile the ships all lay alongside, paid crew etc , probably plugged into the quays lampposts with civil servants working out conveluted extension lead technology.
Meanwhile the poor old taxpayer may have to pay for re engining or cut holes in the hull and pop a few more gensets down below.
Such is life nowadays.
Remembering The Good Old days, when Chiefs stood watches and all Torque settings were F.T.

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