TC named in suit

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TC named in suit

Postby JK » Tue Dec 13, 2016 2:53 am

Transport Canada Air, but it is interesting.

The lawyers argued Transport Canada could not be sued because it did not owe a duty of care to the passengers aboard Flight 624.
Lawyer Ray Wagner, who represents the plaintiffs, argued that as a regulator devoted to passenger safety, Transport Canada did owe a duty of care to Flight 624 passengers because the department was responsible for reviewing and enforcing safety regulations through the Aeronautics Act

"[Transport Canada] is saying that because they're regulators, they don't have any responsibility over the operational aspect," Wagner said outside court.

"But when they go out and start doing the work of supervising and ensuring the safety systems are in place, they have a responsibility to make sure they are in place. We're saying that they did not do that appropriately. Therefore, they are negligent." ... -1.3892153

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