Pshaw, Asbestos a problem?

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Pshaw, Asbestos a problem?

Postby JK » Wed Dec 28, 2016 4:28 am

Of course I'm being rather facetious. Everyone here who worked on the older ships have been exposed to asbestos. We used to sweep it up as it come down from the piping as dust. I already put in my WCB claim, just in case. I also included chemical exposure with a huge list of everything I have used over the years. That was pretty straightforward, just go to the Drew site, or whatever supplier you use and find their product list. It is sobering when you add it up.

If you are still working and know you have been exposed, I suggest you put in a claim with your provincial WCB even if you have no signs or issues. They will issue you a case number. It will help your families. Might as well be realistic, folks.

For interest sake, this is the survey and identification of asbestos on a CCG ship: ... TTA003.PDF

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