Tanker aground in NS

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Re: Tanker aground in NS

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I’ve been thinking more about this. Given the number of conditions imposed on the ship sailing, the TC inspectors must have had grave concerns ( I’m being facetious) on the ship actually getting where it was going. I’m sure that some of the other ships we talked about here must fall in the same situation.
They stopped it from sailing as a yacht because then they would have just left with no work. I read an article from the west coast of a tug being registered as a yacht, sailing and being detained by USCG for extensive repairs. The TC inspector was castigated by name, called derelict in his duty in the article, yet once it was re-registered, I’m 99.5% sure there was little that he could do other then put stringent conditions on it.
So then Class steps in, Class requirements are met...and off they go.
If they don’t go then the ship is abandoned, and TC/DFO/CCG now have a hull to deal with in the future. It’s a conundrum for someone.

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Re: Tanker aground in NS

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TC did what it's supposed to do when the vessel was in Quebec, she was restricted until the relevant repairs were made to make her seaworthy and personnel were changed to suit. Once Class gave it the OK, she's off, nothing to do about it. That changes were make and the C/E became the Master, only Class could do anything about it. TC has no real teeth. (sssssssshhhhhhhh!!! Don't tell anyone, TC goes to get it's Orders at CMAC in Ottawa.)
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