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Some more vessels going to Scrap

Posted: Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:12 am
by D Winsor
Found this article about the awarding of tenders to scrap 3 more vessels

3 vessels from eastern Canada headed to scrap in Port Colborne

6/24 - Three tenders for shipbreaking have recently been awarded to Marine Recycling Corporation of Port Colborne, Ont. The vessels involved are the ferry Princess of Acadia and the Canadian government vessels Preserver and the Quest. The three ships were all based in Nova Scotia.

HMCS Preserver is a Protecteur-class auxiliary oiler replenishment vessel of the Royal Canadian Navy commissioned in 1970. Built at Saint John, New Brunswick, the ship underwent a major refit in 2005 after she was plagued by electrical problems. She was retired last October in Halifax.

The Canadian Forces Auxiliary Vessel Quest is an oceanographic research ship that was sidelined in 2014 as a result of cost-cutting by the government. The ship was commissioned in 1969 but underwent an upgrade in 1999.

Princess of Acadia, which dates from 1971, is a roll-on/roll-off passenger and motor vehicle ferry that traveled between Digby, Nova Scotia and Saint John, New Brunswick, crossing the Bay of Fundy. On July 28, 2015, the ship was replaced by the M/V Fundy Rose.

The Preserver and Quest will be recycled in MRC's new facility in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The Princess of Acadia will be scrapped at Port Colborne.

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