Warship fails sea trial

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Warship fails sea trial

Postby JK » Sat Mar 10, 2018 3:06 am

This was a very interesting article.
Governments are trying to cut crewing costs by packing many uses into one ship, which makes them expensive to build, expensive to maintain and technically challenging for the crew, especially as they age. Both the ship, and the crew as they age rapidly trying to operate the thing! LOL
I wonder if it is actually a false economy and if anyone really worked the numbers. Two smaller ships, technically simpler, training costs reduced, versus a very complicated electronic nightmare with integrated systems running everything to keep manning numbers down, Contractors underfoot all the time trying to sort out issues....in bad weather...in the North Atlantic in December. Sound peachy keen doesn't it?
It also struck me, if another country wanted to cripple another country economically and militarily, what better way then to add viruses to the software during build, that would instruct the equipment to do one thing but telling the operators that everything is just fine.
I always get jittery when the solution to something at work, is a interface to another software program. Then you have two Contractors pointing at each other and a big mess in the middle.
It must be a joy in that control room on commissioning trials.


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