"Nanotechnology can cure shipping's sulphur conundrum"

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"Nanotechnology can cure shipping's sulphur conundrum"

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Re: "Nanotechnology can cure shipping's sulphur conundrum"

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This sounds like a fantastic idea if true.
I imagine that there would be considerable economies of scale, and because installing the plant on the ship has a capital cost, maintenance cost and causes loss of earnings due to the volume and weight taken for the plant, and also will require Man hours to operate and maintain it, it would be far better to use this technology at the Refinery, than for the Bunker Supplier or ship to de-Sulphurise the fuel.
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Re: "Nanotechnology can cure shipping's sulphur conundrum"

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The arrogance and oversimplification of shitlibs never ceases to amaze me.

The article mentioned nothing about the process, or even the principles it relies upon. Just lean on "technology" and "nanotech" buzzwords hard enough and it'll be good enough for government grants! Literally 3/4 of the article was snubbing the nose at "old technology", rather than explaining something meaningful.

Seems like every week there's a solar cell startup that promises to break under 20c/kWh lifecycle cost, or cold/hot fusion, or even algae based biodiesel.

It's primo material for the Facebook page "I fucking love science".

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Re: "Nanotechnology can cure shipping's sulphur conundrum"

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actually, it is interesting where tech is going.
Several years ago I attended a conference where a very young scientist did a presentation on sweet/sour crude. The well they had studied had initially produced sweet crude and after a period of time it start producing sour.
While I don't remember/understand the depths of the presentation, they had looked at the bacteria in the crude. With some tweaking they managed to change or hoped to change the well back to sweet.
I should see if I can find the presentation.

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