Canadian Labour Code changes

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Canadian Labour Code changes

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Hello Everyone

I know Martin had some discussion in his blog entry back over the summer when stakeholder meeting took place, But I wanted to ask opinions. ... er-1-2019/

It looks like the reference to 8 hours between shifts would exclude the possiblities of a 6/6 its been a few years since I last worked one and can't say I was ever fond of them in the first place but I know many are what are your thought?
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Re: Canadian Labour Code changes

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UK hours of rest require that everybody on Board ship should have a minimum of 6 hours continuous rest, not even 1 minute less, in every 24 hour period, all that time has to be away from the workplace, i.e. Bridge or Engine Room.

They also require that nobody should remain in their place of work for a minute longer than 6 hours without a minimum of 30 minutes for a Meal Break away from the Bridge/ Engine Room.

To comply with this, Watch keepers would have to pass each other in the Bridge Doorway or Engine Room entrance without stopping to speak to each other.

However, STCW requires a handover period of 15 minutes between watch keepers, during which time both are working simultaneously, if this is complied with, then watch keepers work 2 x 6 1/4 hour periods and have 2 x 5 3/4 hour rest periods.

Taken together it is impossible for any Ship to operate a 6 on 6 system off Legally.

I raised this with an MCA inspector in Aberdeen, on a British Flag ship (PSV) where everyone worked 6 on 6 off and he told me that they had had a discussion about this in the Office but none of the Surveyors could see a way to do it legally either, but all the ships in the North Sea still work 6 & 6.

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Re: Canadian Labour Code changes

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I don't go to sea anymore, but I despised the 6/6. You only ever seemed to get 4 hours sleep and with smaller crews, if anything went wrong, I would be up 18 hours then get 4-5 hours of sleep. I know they went to 12 hour days after I left the ships. I thought that was rather barbaric given the size of same of the enginerooms. Good riddance to it.

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Re: Canadian Labour Code changes

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why is it employers so readily break regulations set out in CLC, and MLC, and don't care

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Re: Canadian Labour Code changes

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