Another Industry Preliminary Investigation report

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Another Industry Preliminary Investigation report

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I've been following this gentleman's reporting on the Air Pakistan crash. For the lack of a better term, what a shitshow and everyone on the plane, but 2, died as a result. The technical details are pretty easy to follow. In general, they were 3x the recommended height going into the airport glide plan, dove down to meet it, excessisive airspeeds, tried to land with no gear down, ignoring audible alarms, hit the turbines on the runway damaging the PTOs for the fuel and oil pumps, took off again, circled to try again, got the gear down, possibly stalled the plane on approach and crashed in a crowded residential area.
This is the swiss cheese accident. So far, as a result of this accident, 150 pilots are identified as possibly getting their certification fraudulently in Pakistan. ... fyfHsar0Po

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Re: Another Industry Preliminary Investigation report

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I don't think this is a swiss cheese analogy, i think it was kraft spread altogether, no even cheese, with no consistency. How could have this happen... and then, how can anyone think that's not the same in the marine industry, but i guess we are allot less dramatic.
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