Dual Tickets

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Dual Tickets

Postby conrod » Tue Oct 30, 2007 8:47 pm

Nice one Martin. Looks like you have a bit more happening than the CIMare forum at the moment.

How does a dual ticket grab you ? Broaden your horizon so to speak. In the July issue of the Telegraph - NAUTILUS UK union paper - right on the back page is an article on a chap who holds a Masters Ticket and Chief Engineer. I really only agree with his final comment " Even if you decide you dont like the other side, it gives you base knowledge that will always be useful........"

Unfortunately I would have a hard time jumping jobs. Imagine sailing as a Master, and having a Chief rattle off some bs reason for not doing something, when you know better, or you being the Chief and watching a Master do something real stupid. I guess in his particular case being on tankers its not quite the same as in my field..........offshore supply boats !!

I can just picture me sitting next to the OM, him driving, me on the winch, doing a rig move, and he starts having trouble driving the boat !! Jumping over centre consoles to grab the sticks.............

Jokes aside, in the UK the concept has pretty much died a death, but I believe there are a few states in Europe that have had dual tickets a long time, and continue to issue them. Is it something we need to consider, as Engineers, to be able to be a Master as well ??

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Who needs a wife...

Postby The Dieselduck » Wed Oct 31, 2007 2:39 pm

I don't know about you, but I have a tough enough time with just my engineering tickets here in Canada. I don t really want to do both set of exams, mind you I don't want to be a deck officer either, but hey thats just me.

I think that in Canada we would be really hard press to see this type of guy as it is pretty much impossible to satisfy all your Continued Proficiency marks. In my experience sailing my many other nationalities and quizzing them about their licensing system. I only found two other system that were as "cumbersome" and demanding as Canada's (im sure they are more) and those were from Venezuela and Peru. The Italians, Norwegians, Dutch, English, to name a few, from the descriptions I got and the comparative notes I took, I say that their requirements for schooling and exams were much simpler.

Therefore I would imagine that it would be easier to do both path. I think I have only heard of one person in Canada that has both a Master Mariner, and a First Class license. But really, like I said before, you would be hard press to keep both active in todays STCW95 climate and the Canadian CPC system.
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Dual Tickets

Postby TxMarEng » Mon Nov 05, 2007 2:00 pm

The dual tickets were pushed by "Queens Point" aka USMMA back in the seventies and there are still a few who get an original 3rd deck/engine. Problem lies in that is it hard to get the sea time to raise both and as others have mentioned here keeping both licenses valid with the myriad of hoops one must jump through today. They have become popular in the US Oil Patch however where captains have rode roughshod over engineers for years. Now some pursue the limited engineer ticket so they can stick that in the eye of the unfortunate engineer that has to sail with them.

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