8 Tug chief for Saudi Arabia

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8 Tug chief for Saudi Arabia

Postby The Dieselduck » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:27 am

I am Shivam Anand from a Global recruitment Company- Vrinda Global. We are specialized in providing talents for different sectors like Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Energy, IT, telecom, E- Commerce, Banking& financial Services etc.

I would like to introduce you an interesting job opening with leading Firm for Saudi Arabia location. Candidates who have ISM or EILTS will be best suitable by personality & communication wise. our client follow all British safety council rules, no compromise for expertise of people.

Position – Chief Engineer
Exp for Chief Engineer - Working experience with Wärtsilä engine and Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) propulsion.
Age - Between 30 to 45 Years
Job type - Initial contract would be for 1 year from joining date. Rotation would be 4 months on 2 months off (or as agreed).

Following is the Salary structure in US $ for the time served onboard vessel:

Salary breakup:
CHIEF ENGINEER – Working experience with Wärtsilä engine and Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) propulsion.
Basic: 5326/pm + FOT: 637/pm + LP: 637/pm
Total: 6600/pm USD

Master COC 500 GRT OR Above.

If the above information generates your interest so Kindly provide the below mention detail with updated cv for further discussion. Also attach you CV, COC, COE, Marlin test And ISM certification

1. Total Experience: -
2. Yrs of Exp as Chief Engineer –
3. Total exp in ASD Tug as Chief Engineer –
4. Are you holding Master 500 GRT or Above -
5. Which one COC you have -
6. Are you currently working on ASD Tug as Chief Engineer -
7. Are you comfortable for single status -
8. Current company -
9. Current Location -
10. Current Basic Salary in USD & Other Benefits-
11. Expected Basic Salary in USD -
12. Minimum Notice Period (When you can join) -
13. Reason for job change:-
14. Do you have good knowledge about ISM (International Safety Management) –
15. Do you know British safety council rules –
16. Do you have any certification in English Language ( Like IELTS,Marlin or any ) –
17. How much you are strong in English ( Give us rating out of /10 ) –
18. Honduras COC/ PANAMA COC/Inland COC and Belize coc not considerable. Do you have anyone-
19. Marlin score-
20. Total Experience in ASD tug on wartsilla engine-

Please note - We have around 8 vacancy for Chief Engineer. Please forward this mail to your friends & keep me in cc. May be anyone looking for change.


Shivam Anand / Vrinda Consultants
Sr. Hiring Specialist - Middle East Specialist
Mobile: +91- 9034040744 / Mail ID - Shivam.anand@vrindaglobal.com.
Company Website- www. vrindaconsultants.com

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Re: 8 Tug chief for Saudi Arabia

Postby marineprojectgroup » Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:56 pm

This job advert is precisely why I encourage all young men to NOT consider a career at sea.

- They will toss you away at age just 45.
- They expect you to give them 8 months at sea out of every 12. Basically you are giving them your entire life.
- Lousy piss poor wage of just $200/day.
- You are assured at least 12 hr days, most days will be 16+ hrs. You will be required to routinely lie on the STCW work rest hours form.
- Guaranteed the food will be disgusting, the attitude of shore staff will one of "screw you". Spare parts will be non existent and they will be cutting corners at every turn.
Overall what a REALLY bad situation for anyone so desperate to take such job.

As far as young men of today thinking about a career choice, the young of today are brilliant and capable. The young of today do not need to throw their life away working for garbage like the clients of Vrinda Consultants. I just laugh at gyppo operators like these.

I encourage the young of today to position themselves now for starting and operating ones own small business. Be your own boss and chart your own destiny. Realize your potential with no one to hold you back.

Young men - Do NOT throw away your life by pursuing a career at sea.

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Re: 8 Tug chief for Saudi Arabia

Postby JollyJack » Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:39 pm

Now here's a guy who KNOWS what life at sea is really like!
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Re: 8 Tug chief for Saudi Arabia

Postby WillieC » Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:45 am

This chap is rather confused and does not know the difference between the following ISM Code,STCW,and the MCA Safe Working Practices for Seafarers.
Copy and paste the web site adress and that will save me chuntering on.

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