Chief Engineer Seaspan ULC - North Vancouver, BC

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Chief Engineer Seaspan ULC - North Vancouver, BC

Postby The Dieselduck » Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:36 pm

Chief Engineer
Seaspan ULC - North Vancouver, BC

Seaspan will ensure that adequate resources are available both ashore and on board to support the Master in the safe and efficient operation of the vessel.

Seaspan will ensure that each vessel is manned with competent, qualified crew in accordance with relevant Canadian legislation, including the Canada Shipping Act or the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) and that they are medically fit in accordance with regulatory and company requirements.

All other personnel on board Seaspan vessels must meet these same standards to ensure the health and safety of the crews.


Understand your responsibilities under the relevant Canadian legislation, including CLC Part II and MOHS Regulations. (See Government Regulation Manual, Sec N.)
Be familiar with the company Health, Safety, Wellness Environmental and Quality Policies. (See Sec 3.)
Conduct Deck Level Hazard Assessments (DLHA), along with the crew, to assess a specific work task prior to starting the work to determine if hazards are present. (See SOP Sec B, Risk Management and Assessment.)
Execute the planned maintenance program, report to the Engineering Superintendent and submit completed documentation and checklists.
Be in charge of all machinery spaces during incidents and onboard emergencies.
Maintain proper engine room watch.
Ensure that all new Engineering Department officers and crews are familiar with relevant procedures.
Ensure efficient operation and maintenance of all plant and equipment associated with safety and anti-pollution as defined by statutory regulations and company procedures.
Comply with all company policy and SOPs at all times and take necessary precautions to protect yourself, your colleagues, the vessel and the environment.
Maintain records of all routine and unscheduled maintenance as per requirements.
Maintain standby plant and systems in a complete state of readiness to meet any emergency requirement.
Test standby systems on a regular basis and as per company procedures. (See Sec 6, Engineering Operations).
Immediately notify the Master of any defects that may affect vessel safety or put the marine environment at risk.
Familiarize yourself with all emergency equipment and understand all emergency duties.
Assign engineering officers or ratings specific roles with respect to Engineering Department responsibilities.
Assist in investigating all accidents and complete the necessary documentation for all lost-time accidents, medical aid and serious near-misses. Take the corrective actions necessary to prevent future similar incidents. (See Appendix.)
Conduct regular inspections of all plant and equipment.
Ensure that the Oil Record Book and Engine Logbook are accurate and up to date.
Understand the hazards associated with day-to-day activities.
Report and respond to all incidents. ...

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