Marine Engineer 4th Class Empire Sandy– Toronto

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Marine Engineer 4th Class Empire Sandy– Toronto

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Marine Engineer 4th Class
Empire Sandy– Toronto
Marine Engineer 4th Class

Empire Sandy is a charter boat company based in Toronto which operates Canada's largest passenger sailing ship. This summer we will be sailing the Great Lakes as part of the Tall Ships Challenge Festival travelling from Toronto to various ports in the Great Lakes & St Lawrence Seaway.

Engineer Duties

- operate and maintain main engine, generator and other ship systems.

- keep log entries up to date

- participate in raising and lowering sails, and handling dock lines during voyages.

- stand watches as the engineer on watch

- interact with customers as required

- other duties related to the operation of a tall ship.

Must have current passport and be eligible for travel to the US.

Must be certified 4th Class with Transport Canada marine licence, SCTW endorsement and valid marine medical.

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $30.00 /hour ... 61a7f2b808

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