Chief Engineer - McAsphalt Marine Transportation Ltd

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Chief Engineer - McAsphalt Marine Transportation Ltd

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Chief Engineer - Marine Transportation
McAsphalt Marine Transportation Ltd
Hamilton, ON

Job purpose

The Chief Engineer maintains the uninterrupted operation of shipboard machinery and systems. The Chief Engineer designs and manages the implementation of preventative maintenance projects.

Reports to

The Chief Engineer reports to the Captain and Operations office.

All crew members must comply with all regulations set out by the Canada Labour Code, Canada Shipping Act, Corporate Policy, Company Safety Policy, Transport Canada regulations including Marine Personnel Regulations and any other applicable legislation. Exercising a high degree of professionalism with all third-party inspectors or customers is mandatory for all shipboard personnel.

Key responsibilities

The Chief Engineer’s duties include, but are not limited to:

- Managing the shipboard activities regarding engineering.

- Ordering items through PMS (SINEX)

- Ensuring that any engine room crew adhere to safety policies, always.

- Leading preventative maintenance initiatives in a cost-effective, efficient and timely manner.

- Conducting performance reviews of engine room crew and identify areas of improvement.

- Ensure the safe and proper operation of propulsion and auxiliary machinery.

- Troubleshooting when machines are not working correctly.

- Monitor of bunker and lubricants.

- Vigilance in regard to Oil and Air Pollution

- Good communication skills.

- All other duties assigned by the Captain or Operations office.

- Work with Class (LR) and other authorities.

- Work closely with other shipboard Officers.

- Flexible working hours.

Minimum Qualifications

The Chief Engineer must hold the following minimum qualifications (subject to variance in the vessel’s safe manning documents):

- First-Class Engineer license (Motor III/2) or Second-class Engineer license (Motor STCW III/2) is preferred, however, lower COC will be considered.

- MED with respect to STCW basic safety; MED training with respect to proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats; MED in advanced firefighting; MED for senior officers;

- Advanced Oil Tanker.

- Marine Advanced First Aid.

- Ship Personnel with Designated Security Duties.

- A valid Marine Medical.

- Can call on a sense of Humor.

- To be a local from Hamilton/Toronto/ St Catharine’s.

The Company may require additional training courses in the following areas:

- Occupational Health and Safety.

- Oil Spill Response.

- Accident/Hazard Investigation training.

- Hazard Prevention Program.

- Engine Room Resource Management.

Job Type: Full-time

Work remotely:

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