Marine Trainee, Navigation - Gov of Ontario, Ferry

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Marine Trainee, Navigation - Gov of Ontario, Ferry

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Permanent Full-time Opportunity

Why Choose Loyalist for Your Next Career Opportunity? The Ministry of
Transportation recently procured the first two fully electric non-cable ferries in Canada:
the Amherst Islander II and Wolfe Islander IV. These state-of-the-art vessels were
designed in the Netherlands and built in Galati, Romania and will be going into service at
their respective routes in Spring 2022. Loyalist Township is thrilled to be the operator of
the Amherst Islander II and looks forward to being able to operate in full electric mode
once the shore-based infrastructure is complete. As we prepare for the new vessel, we
are looking for new crew members to sail the three kilometers that separate beautiful
Amherst Island from the mainland. The 450 residents of Amherst Island (900 in summer)
rely on the dedicated crew for safe passage. This hiring process will bolster the existing
crew and help us to prepare for manning the new vessel

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