TC Safety Bulletin on CDN number

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TC Safety Bulletin on CDN number

Postby The Dieselduck » Fri Apr 22, 2016 11:29 am

Streamlined Application Process for a Candidate Document Number (CDN) - SSB No.: 02/2016

RDIMS No.: 11735575
Date (Y-M-D): 2016-04-08

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Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security (TCMSS) wishes to inform the maritime community that new procedure have been developed to simplify the process to obtain a Candidate Document Number (CDN). It is now acceptable to submit a completed application with a single document provided it can attest the candidate’s identity and nationality.


Before obtaining any Canadian Maritime Document (CMD) issued by TCMSS under the provisions of Part 3 of the Canada Shipping Act 2001 (CSA 2001), a person must first apply for a CDN number, which is applicable but not limited to the following CMDs:

Certificate of Competency
Certificate of Service
Provisional Medical Certificate
Medical Certificate
Training Certificate
Application for Direct Examination - assessment
Application for Examination


As first articulated in Ship Safety Bulletin 05/2010, application for a CDN, has required two (2) documents as proof of identity. Following a review of this policy, TCMSS has determined that this requirement was an unnecessary burden to applicants.

By the issuance of this bulletin, TCMSS will accept one (1) document provided it can attest, the two required issues: candidate’s identity and Canadian nationality. A single document, such as a valid Canadian passport, can be used for this dual purpose. However, since many documents attesting Canadian nationality do not have a picture or a signature, for example birth certificates, it may still be necessary to submit two documents in order to attest Canadian nationality and identity.


Applicants for a CDN must complete the TCMSS form # 82-0701 – Application for a Candidate Document Number (CDN) in order to receive a CDN or update the personal information to the existing data base.

The form may be downloaded from the designated link: ... earch.aspx. The completed application, together with proof of identity and nationality, must be submitted in person to the nearest TCMSS office, Please note, only identity documents issued by the Federal, Provincial or Municipal authorities will be accepted.

TCMSS will accept the following valid documents as proof of identity and nationality:

Seafarer's Identity Document
Permanent Resident Card
Certificate of Indian Status
Firearms Licence
Old Age Security card
Federal, provincial or municipal employee identification card
Driver's licence
Provincial health care card
Work, Student, Visitor and Temporary Resident permits issued by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Applicants, who, due to residence in distant and remote locations, are unable to visit a TCMSS office, may apply by mail to the nearest District office. The correspondence shall include the completed Application for a Candidate Document Number (CDN) form and a copy of any identity document indicated above, certified by a Commissioner of Oath. Please note, the candidate picture and signature must be part of the document.

Citizenship / Residency Status

Only Canadian Citizens and Canadian Permanent Residents are entitled to apply for a CMD.

In addition to confirming their identity, applicants must submit evidence of Canadian Citizenship / Nationality status. The following documents will be accepted by TCMSS as proof of Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residence:

Canadian Passport
Canadian birth certificate
Canadian Baptismal certificate
Certificate of citizenship
Permanent Resident Card


1. CDN #
2. Canadian Maritime Document
3. Marine Personnel Regulations

Questions concerning this Bulletin should be addressed to:
Mario Lavoie
Transport Canada
Marine Safety
Tower C, Place de Ville
8th Floor, 330 Sparks Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N8

Contact us at: or 1-855-859-3123 (Toll Free).

The following document is available for downloading or viewing:
Streamlined Application Process for a Candidate Document Number (CDN) - SSB No.: 02/2016 (120 KB)

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