Work in the US from Norway

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Work in the US from Norway

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Hi! I'm a 21 year old student currently working as a motorman apprentice (2 years long) in Norway. I've got both Norwegian and American citizenship and was wondering if I can eventually use my Norwegian marine engineering license in the U.S. I'll be doing my schooling through the Norwegian coast guard.

I'll have eng class 4-1 after my education with unlimited kw and size.
The education is based on national and international laws.

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Re: Work in the US from Norway

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Suggest you contact the US Coast Guard National Maritime Center. They should be able to answer all you questions with respect to the acceptance of certificates from Norway
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Re: Work in the US from Norway

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Probably not; like in Canada the course must be approve by the the flag state, ie US Coast Guard. In Canada you are given credit towards your license, but not a straight recognition of your Norwegian license, I would assume the same thing goes on in the US, obviously the best place is to ask USCG directly as Mr. Winsor suggest.
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Re: Work in the US from Norway

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Don't forget the Jones Act and the Mann Act. One says only American citizens can sail on American flag vessels and the other says that cargoes originating in the US for another US port have to be carried in American bottoms, ie ships built in USA.
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