MPR2019 on the horizon, finally

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Draft TP2293

Post by The Dieselduck »

Here is the draft TP2293, which is the document that will ultimately lay out how seafarers in Canada achieves certification.
ITEM 4 - TP2293E - EN.pdf
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I haven't read it yet, just got it - have a read and post your comments here.
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Re: MPR2019 on the horizon, finally

Post by geezer09 »

2019 is starting to wind down and there seems to still not be any set timeline for the implementation of what might be the mis-named MPR2019

Does anybody have any information on when it will come in effect?

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Re: MPR2019 on the horizon, finally

Post by JollyJack »

This is the TP, not the MPRs. The TP explains what is required to meet the MPRs, that's all.
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Re: MPR2019 on the horizon, finally

Post by Aavenger »

Hi Colleagues
Just wondering as to MPR status since last year
Any changes yet? Regards Rick Brown

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Re: MPR2019 on the horizon, finally

Post by Shame_on_TC_2017 »

Aavenger, Im also waiting and wondering if this MPR ever appears.

Only update I can see is on ... 21#item-15

That is their forward regulatory plan where they updated it to: "It is anticipated that there will be a 30-day comment period following pre-publication in the Canada Gazette, Part I, in 2020."

So at this time they have writen 2020, but as we all know....

That article lists Mr. Scott Naugler as the person in charge of the MPR development.

Scott Naugler
Chief, Regulatory Issues
Marine Safety and Security
Transport Canada
Telephone: 613-949-0655

I'd think that after 10 years since the STVW convention it wouldnt be unreasonable to ask Mr. Naugler when it might come into force in Canada.

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