Electricity Troubleshooting

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Electricity Troubleshooting

Postby sts07 » Wed Nov 06, 2019 8:34 am

I'm gonna try to explain situation with my limited English knowledge :D . There are two floodlights at foremast and two floodlights at navigation deck on board. Both of floodlight' electricity is supplied through the EMG line. Also we have two more floodlights which are feeded fr main electricity supply but they are unrelated with situation. By the way, we may turn on EMG foremast floodlights and EMG navigation floodlights individually. also we can turn on one of them with main navigation floodlights.However when we try to turn on them at same time, main relay switch of the panel is just cut off. By the way both EMG floodlights have different electricity supply line. Unfortunately there is no ETO on board :D

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