Seaferer life in canada

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Seaferer life in canada

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Hope everyone is safe
I would like to ask how how marine engineers are doing in Canada with respect to the salaries they get and they able to live a good life in Canada with the salaries they receive .

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Re: Seaferer life in canada

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Hey there Sidhu

Im a Canadian and been working on the great lakes / east coast for 12 years since cadet. Salary is good, and has gotten much better in the last two years with companies head hunting and increasing wages by double digit percentages. Contract length is between 1-4 months depending on what ship and company and if the ship is trading year round or it lays up in the winter due to ice.

Third engineers are making low to mid $500 per day.
Second engineer are making $600 - $700 per day for the good companies.
Chief is higher.

Your quality of life and what you can afford with your salary depends on where you live. Canada is a big place and the cost of living varies so much you cant even compare. Vancouver / Toronto vs small town newfoundland. If you want to live in a big city you will not be a big shot by any means with even a chiefs salary. The people that are living great quality of life in major cities are professional couples with both husband and wife bringing in 6 figure salaries. If its just you working on the ship your not going to get rich.

From the foreign people i see come into Canada and work on the ship, they are coming for the country and our stable / good system. Their buying power and standard of living often is dropping. I know some Indian chiefs who had maids, drivers, and cooks back home. They definitely dont have that in Canada with their chiefs job here.

All the best.

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