martin's marine engineering page logo CTMA's cruise ferry Vacancier heads downriver on her weekly run from Montreal to the Madeleine Islands, located in the gulf of St Lawrence. Picture by Martin Leduc, June 2010.

Welcome to the web site for professional Marine Engineers worldwide. Online since 1999, we have been providing information and resource to professionals and novices, in the maritime world.
I welcome you to discover what marine engineers do, and explore their important role in worldwide commercial shipping, which moves 90% of the world's goods. You will find the "site navigation" menu at the top, and a "about the site" menu at the bottom. Enjoy your stay and feel free to contact me.

Martin - Marine Engineer and Webmaster

In this Update - A few "new things" in the "old things" section, a.k.a. The Historical area. Four new drawings including the extensive General Arrangement of the Deepwater Horizon, and some early 1900 German ships, including a very neat excavator dredge. There are some news books to download, including the story of Teekay Shipping, and a great collection of 1940's era Marine Engineering training manuals. Some of the stuff is still quite relevant and applicable to todays young (and old) engineering types. Also a new spread sheet on Doxford built in Australia.
Uploaded some new documents in the Training, and Machinery Pages. New Zeland's certification regulations. All you need to know about lube oil maintenance, a neat stability simulator, read an extensive research paper on cylinder liner deposit, and suggested way of dealing with it, guide on Personal Safety on ships from TC, and more. 
In the Ship's Library you will find the Hebron Project overview, the ITF's STCW10 Guide for seafarers, a pictorial summary of the world's icebreakers by the USCG, a blurb about Vancouver Seabus. You will also find a homage to Jesse Calhoon of MEBA - a union in the USA; an interesting read about the Kulluk-Aiviq accident in Alaska, and an interesting court decision regarding Transport Canada's AMP (fines) and a bunkering mishap. Also added some graphics in the Officer's Lounge, and Building Titanic slide show in the Image area. Over on, my main picture area, you will find pictures from Marine Engineering The New Wave conference and exhibition.
Also updated various areas with new information submitted by kind contributors, who have chosen to share their knowledge: Amir sent his comments on corrosion. Tom, sent an insightful article by Denys Griffiths about the engineering team onboard Titanic as she foundered. Jeff sent us 2nd Class EK General TC questions he's encountered.

Noteworthy - If you are noticing an increase in spelling mistakes, its my new laptop, a Toshiba, one of the worst keyboard I have ever worked on. The keys are pretty to look at, but unfortunately they don't always register when pressed down, causing me lots of spelling mistakes that are very tedious and time consuming to pick out. Apologies if I missed some; let me know and I will fix.

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