martin's marine engineering page logo A view of St John's harbour, a jump off point for the busy Newfoundland offshore industry. Picture by M Leduc, March 2015

Welcome to the web site for professional Marine Engineers worldwide. Online since 1999, we have been providing information and resource to professionals and novices, in the maritime world.
I welcome you to discover what Marine Engineers do, and explore their important role in worldwide commercial shipping, which moves 90% of the world's trade. You will find the "site navigation" menu at the top, and a "about the site" menu at the bottom. Enjoy your stay, feel free to contact me.

Martin - Marine Engineer and Webmaster

Feature -  I have been hard at work "honing the leading edge" - aka developing the Mari Tech 2018 website, and helping out with the organizing of this important Marine Engineering conference, which will occur in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada, in April 2018. The level of participation thus far points to a major event for the Marine Engineering community that you should not miss. I hope to see you there, visit for more information.
Marine Engineering professionals in Canada are in a bit of a daze these days with the recent actions by their regulator, Transport Canada, and it's ever changing licensing schemes. Rarely does a topic raise so much discussion from peers; you can view some of it on The Monitor and The Common Rail.

In this Update - Not much new, as I am spending some quality time with my family over the holiday season, and taking some down time as it has been a crazy busy these last few years.

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