Cool Viking Avant design

From – This new innovative platform supply vessel is designed to carry out regular supply and cargo transport functions for the oil industry. In a significant departure from many designs, the bridge and accommodation lie at the aft of the vessel, in a similar manner to an oil tanker. According to the designers Vik Sandvik, this is intended to reduce movement and noise, and provide a safer bridge layout (no aft bridge console). It has better hull lines, better DP plot, a simplified cargo area, a safer loading and discharging platform, and a lower building cost. The Viking Avant has an overall length of 92.7m and a length between perpendiculars of 84.8m. Its breadth is 20.4m and the depth to the first deck is 9m. It has a 7.5m summer draught. The vessel has a 3,600t gross tonnage and a deadweight of 1,500t at 4.50m depth. Its deadweight at 6m is 3,800t and 6,200t at 7.5m. The deck has a cargo area of 1,170m² and a cargo capacity of 3,900t.
Now that’s different… and not just in the Canadian Tire way.

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