Carnival’s Tomorrowland

Micky Arison, ex CEO of Carnival Corp

Carnival’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Micky Arison, is stepping down as CEO of the world’s largest cruise ship operating group, Carnival Corporation. The Israelis / American business man has held the title since 1979. Arnold W. Donald will take over from Mr. Arison, effective July 3rd, 2013, however Mr. Arison will remain the Chairman of Carnival Corp’s board of directors.

Mr. Arison leaves the company as the biggest cruise operator, with immense clout and power… and with the largest headlines. One headline, the Costa Concordia is still capsized in the Mediterranean, not to mention the litany of major fires and technical failures over the few years. He leaves the company in the capable hands of a Monsanto protege, Arnold W. Donald.

Carnival Corp’s Costa Concordia

Monsanto is also a leader of sorts. The St Louis, Missouri, based Agri-giant multinational is famous for spawning various poiso… huh, products, such as: Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), pesticide such as DDT, Agent Orange; Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone), “Terminator” seeds, etc, etc, etc. Monsanto is involved in 31 US “superfund” sites, areas in the United States that are so contaminated and hazardous to human existence, that the federal government steps in to fund a clean up.

JD Searle, a division of Monsanto, would also spawned another poiso… huh, product, which would, despite evidence to the contrary, be deemed “generally safe for human consumption”, Aspartame. The man behind this herculean feat, was none other than Mr. Donald Rumsfeld, another prodigy of sorts. He would go on to join his “posse” in the Chenney (well, Bush too) era, which gave us numerous successful wars, unprecedented assault on privacy and freedoms. The man is a legend, come to think of it, so is Monsanto (tongue firmly planted in cheek).

The marketing of Aspartame, would fall to Mr. Arison’s replacement, Mr. Donald, which by all accounts was a great success. Doctors have never been busier trying to determine an incredible wave of neurological illnesses. By the way, I highly recommend watching the documentary: Aspartame: Sweet misery. A poisoned world.

Needless to say, Monsanto, and its “captains of industry”, are a busy little bunch, and aggressive to, well versed in the use of “legal” intimidation, known as bullying to reasonable folks, all over the world. Judging by the long list of legal action, from suing farmers, to defending itself against antitrust allegations and endless lawsuits, you would think that “Legal” is the biggest division of Monsanto.

The Wikipedia article on Monsanto is almost comical (how absurd are these people – have they no shame), but entries on child labour, suicides, scandals, and the ties to mighty and powerful names in the news everyday, makes me wonder where we are headed as humanity. Oh by the way, Monsanto is a proud sponsor of Disneyland and Disney World “Tomorrowland” attractions, neat-o!

Carnival Corp CEO Arnold Donald

The training at Monsanto should serve Mr. Donald quite well, with Carnival being the largest cruise ship operator, and currently facing numerous safety reviews, impeding regulations, lawsuits and the likes. After all, there is a great deal at stake; an immense empire and equally big egos to protect.

Mr. Donald is a 58 year old African American, father of three according to NNDB. Obviously, with his background he is a so-called “Republican” supporting the Bush Chenney organization. But this 1997 “Executive of the Year” winner did have a change of heart, and supported Obama in the last two elections. Those connections will sure come in handy!

I cant wait to see what Carnival is going to dream up for its “Tomorrowland” cruisers. Happy Holidays (?).

You can read the sanitized Maritime Executive article on the powershift here. All pictures from internet sources.

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