The “Borg” ship in the bay of deception

Wartsila 8L46, Arneborg Power plant

Apologies for the misleading post title goes out to the ST:TNG crowd… cool title though, eh!

We are drawing to a close, ship loading operations up here
in Deception Bay, on the northernmost tip of the province of Quebec. Wagenborg’s
Arneborg is the second ship to load ore, from the new nickel mine operated by
Nunavut Nickel and Canadian Royalties. With 6 lifts of bagged nickel ore left
to place in the hold of the Arneborg, I was running out of time to pay a visit
to the Arneborg’s engineering team. 
A lift of Nickel ore bags
After our lengthy bunkering operation
– two days to take on 57 cubes, don’t ask – I seized my opportunity. 
The Arneborg is a Dutch flagged, ice classed, geared general
cargo ship (tween decker, bulk carrier, containers) operated by Wagenborg
Shipping of the Netherlands. Built in China in 2006, the 143 meter long ship
flies the Dutch flag.
At the heart of this ship is one Wartsila 8L46B medium speed
main engine turning at 500 rpm, driving a four blade 4.8 meter propeller,
through a reduction gear box. Electrical power comes from three Mitsubishi
generator sets burning Diesel (MGO), and a shaft generator driven from the gear
box power take off. The ship consumes 20 cubic meters a day, of Heavy Fuel Oil
(HFO380), to propel the ship to it’s cruising speed of 14 knots; however the
Arneborg top speed is 15.5 knots. She is also equipped with one 750 kW bow thruster,
and three cranes capable of 60 tons each.
Nickel ore loaded in cargo hold
The Arneborg has a crew of 13. The engine room consist of
three crew members, yes, only three. The Chief Engineer and Second Engineer are
both from the Ukraine, and the Third Engineer is from Vietnam. The CE was on
his fifth month aboard, but normally they have a four month on, four month off
Wagenborg’s ships are a common sight in eastern / central
Canada; their stylish livery and “…borg” suffix being the main identifier. They
are found operating all over the Great Lakes, St Lawrence, and even in the
northern part of Canada. As I write this, the Arneborg left Deception Bay several
hours ago, fully loaded and reportedly heading to Germany.
Have a safe trip !
MV Arneborg leaves Deception Bay in northern Canada
Arneborg’s ECR
Owners: Wagenborg Shipping
Flag : Netherlands
Class : Lloyd’s Register
Built : Hudong-Zhonghuas Shipbuilding, 2006
Gross Tonnage : 11,864 t
DWT : 17,323 t
Length : 143 m
Breath : 21.5 m
Depth : 9.69 m
Main Engine : Wartsila 8L46B (7800kW)
Speed : 14.0 k (20m3 HFO/ Day)
Top Speed : 15.5 k (29m3 HFO / Day)

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