Far from home

I got home last week, but have been beset by “fires” which took priority over my online musings… but despite contracting a computer virus, not to mention the internet isolation of my last contract in the north, I hope to bring you a few steady musings over the next couple of weeks anyways.

Speaking of isolation, Google has chosen to use a Marine Engineer on board a ship, to convey the desperate state of isolation a seafarer feels nowadays, while at sea, especially over the holiday season. In advertising the ease of “connectivity” of their new “smart phone” – I think the smart part is due to the NSA ability to intercept anything on it – Google features an scary realistic representation of us seafarers.

Okay, I did not say accurate, but considering the bad portrayal seafarers have gotten in the media over many years, it is refreshing to see a somewhat believable image of us. Except of course for the one glaring exception every sailor will quickly point out – high speed internet on a ship for crew use – now, there’s a laugh. I also like all those guys in the engine room, the company would be up at arms to see that many people onboard! Anyways, like they say, even bad publicity is good publicity…

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