Spreading the good word about Mari-Tech 2018

Mari Tech 2018Honing the leading edge
Technical conference and Marine Exhibition
Victoria Conference Center, Victoria, BC, Canada
April 18-20, 2018

Its been a while since the West Coast of Canada has seen this annual gathering of marine professionals. Allot has happen since the last successful Mari Tech, hosted by Vancouver Island Branch of the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering in 2011 – fast adoption of LNG and hybrid technologies, a blossoming new build program for Naval, Government and private owners. These days Mari-Tech, is a big deal in Canada; a large event featuring exploration of many aspect of ship management, building and repair, and with the west coast”s mature marine industry this will not be one to miss.

Since 1976, the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering (CIMarE) has used Mari Tech as an invaluable tool in providing a high quality professional development experience for marine professionals involved in Naval, Governmental and Commercial shipping and shipbuilding operations and their service suppliers to learn and explore new industry concepts, or hone established ones.

Mari Tech 2018‘s theme is “Honing the Leading Edge“

Exploring emerging technology with an emphasis on design convergence and operator experience. LNG fuel, hybrid propulsion and bilge water management are sectors which have begun to mature; we look forward to sharing real world examples of this tech in action.

Hone: to make more acute, intense, or effective

Emerging Technologies are becoming mature, with operators learning from varied experience. Manufacturers and regulators are receiving feedback from end-users. It is the effect operational experience is having on emerging technology that we wish to explore.

Martin’s Marine Engineering Page – http://www.dieselduck.net, is once again, very pleased to be associated with the organizing committee, the Vancouver Island Branch of the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering, for this great event and I extend a personal invitation to Mari Tech 2018. I love ships and I love technology, I will do my best to extend that passion to the conference.

Sponsorship, presenters and speakers opportunity are available now, and we usually run out of booths space pretty quick, so if your planning to reach a targeted audience of professionals involved in all things ships in Canada, you need to be here.

If you want to participate, visit the website www.mt18.ca or send me an email concierge@mt18.ca and I will make sure you get what your after. You can also join us on Twitter @MT18_Victoria


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