Square peg in a round hole

December 5, 2022

Transport Canada Marine Safety (TCMS), is the ubiquitous part of my, and many other’s marine career in Canada. A common aspect of the interactions I get, relating to TCMS, is the bewildered head shaking that goes with them. Admittedly, I am critical of the department’s apparent lack of technical leadership, skill or action on files. On this platform I have often highlighted these shortfalls in hopes things will change, but…


Available Nautical Bursary

November 14, 2022

Applications are invited from qualified students for the fall 2022 Nautical Professional Education Society of Canada bursaries. There will be five C$1,500 bursaries awarded to applicants enrolled in Nautical Science or Marine Engineering courses of a minimum length of 250 hours at a training institution approved by Transport Canada and registered with the British Columbia government. For more information and to make an application please visit the web site at…


SAAM’s electric tugs to operate in Vancouver

October 27, 2022

It is with great pride that Robert Allan Ltd. shares that SAAM Towage Canada has signed a construction contract with SANMAR Shipyards to add two new state-of-the-art battery electric tugs to their operations in Robert Allan Ltd.’s “homeport” of Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada. This exciting development aligns perfectly with the Port of Vancouver’s stated goal to become the world’s most sustainable port as well as the city’s own goal…


Working at sea; its so “romantic”

August 5, 2022

I made a Facebook post for my family and friends, to illustrate a bit of the living conditions while working at sea. For the active seafarers that frequent this site, this is very typical, but I thought it would be a good post to share here as well. —— Allot of people don’t really know what working at sea means. I often get the feeling from comments I hear, of…


TC greases sqeaky wheel

July 24, 2022

11 dead, 70 injured, USD8 million in damage, almost USD90 million in legal settlements was the result of the Staten Island ferry Andrew J Barberi, slamming into a pier, on October  15th, 2003. On the list of major maritime accidents it was pretty significant, but for seafarers around the world, it was the match that lit the “crack down” on seafarer medicals. As for the cause, the National Transportation Safety…


How long or many CTA waivers are enough?

June 7, 2022

CTA, oh my CTA, you are never far from my mind – cuz you keep sawing my legs off. The Canada Coasting Trade Act and the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) that administers it, are on the front line of our survival as professional seafarers in Canada. The quasi legal board of appointed “lawyers types” rules on whether or not, non Canadian (non tax paying) ships and their crews, to a…


Shortage of Canadian Seafarers Survey

May 6, 2022

If you are a Canadian Seafarer, Marine Engineer, Masters Candidate and friend of the site, Bob Beadell, is looking for your input of the shortage of seafarers in Canada. The links for the survey are below: English: https://crewsurvey.limesurvey.net/162848?lang=en Français: https://crewsurvey.limesurvey.net/162848?lang=fr Re: Research study into the impacts of Canadian seafarer shortages Hi, my name is Bob Beadell, I am a Marine Consultant and Master’s student. My own seagoing career began with…


CIMarE host third year ME cadets in Halifax

April 29, 2022

From the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering (CIMarE) news article by Tiffany O’Donnell. Last week the 3rd year Marine Engineering class had a little change of scenery with a field trip to Halifax.We began with a tour of the Canadian Coast Guard/Garde côtière canadienne base in Dartmouth. Luckily, for us we were able to see a little bit of everything including the CCGS Capt. Jaques Cartier, the CCGS M Perley…