Carnival’s Tomorrowland

July 4, 2013

Micky Arison, ex CEO of Carnival Corp Carnival’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Micky Arison, is stepping down as CEO of the world’s largest cruise ship operating group, Carnival Corporation. The Israelis / American business man has held the title since 1979. Arnold W. Donald will take over from Mr. Arison, effective July 3rd, 2013, however Mr. Arison will remain the Chairman of Carnival Corp’s board of directors. Mr. Arison leaves…


“Fiery” hot trend on Carnival cruise ships

February 26, 2013

Carnival Triumph ER fire Sorry about the lack of posts lately, been busy with fathering / home duties… just wrote the comment below as a reply in the forum, but for those of you not following the discussion on the Carnival Splendor and Carnival Triumph fire, and dead ship scenarios over there, it may be of interest to you. These are major casualties as far as far as I am…


Costa Concordia preliminary report (no joke this time)

June 23, 2012

Point your browser here, to find the preliminary findings presentation, from the Italian government’s investigation into the grounding, and partial sinking of the Costa Concordia, earlier this year. This brief was given at the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) meeting which occurred in late May 2012. You can find a press release of the meeting here, where they highlight several safety recommendations for passenger ships. Overall the presentation by Italy’s…


Costa Concordia accident report released

June 7, 2012

Peter Ramsauer from internet Ahahaha, made you look. Sorry, I used the old’ bait and switch trick in my title…. like you really expected that such a thing would make the light of day. Lloyd’s List had an article a few weeks about the Costa Concordia disaster, and how Germany’s Minister of Transport, Peter Ramsauer, is publicly pressuring the Italian government to release the results of their investigation, fully, and…


Slipping into lifeboats

January 23, 2012

One day into my wife and I’s first vacation in 8 years, and some foolish act results in one of the latest, and largest passenger ships to partially sinks. Having work on cruise ships for four years and like most professionals mariners, I was captivated and stunned. How could have this happened? Needless to say my wife was probably a little annoyed for my thirst of consuming what little news…


Too bad he was not hanging on to it…

November 30, 2010

Rick Ehlert is dumb. Drunk or not, one should realize the implications of releasing a ship’s anchor weighing 28,000 lbs, and letting free fall from its pocket. But apparently a drunken Rick did just that over the weekend, on Holland America’s MV Ryndam. The ships was on route from Tampa, Florida to Costa Maya when he made his way to the aft mooring deck undetected and released the anchor while…


Splendid holiday comes to an abrupt end

November 9, 2010

MV Carnival Splendor has suffered and engine room fire and was adrift off the Baja coast in Northwest Mexico, in the Pacific Ocean. The fire was detected in the aft engine room of the 113,323 gt ship around 6 am, and confirm put out at about 9 am local time. Ship’s engineers have been able to restore some basic hotel services, but overall the ship is reportedly “dead in the…


Epic Fail

April 5, 2010

Is it me or is the new Norwegian Cruise Line ship, Norwegian Epic, ugly? What possessed somebody to think this design would be appealing. I am surprise the French allowed this monstrosity to even come to the drawing board. I have worked on several french built ship, and the mechanics of them were pretty darn good, and the outside was too; what the heck happened with this? I think NCL…