Offshore Vessel Management and Self Assessment (OVMSA) updated

February 2, 2020

New edition of Offshore Vessel Management and Self Assessment (OVMSA) published by OCIMF 20 December 2019 – (LONDON) The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), a voluntary association of 112 oil companies, has today published an updated edition of its Offshore Vessel Management and Self Assessment (OVMSA) programme. OVMSA has been updated to reflect current legislation, expectations and emerging risks. It also includes expanded best practice guidelines and a streamlined…


Best Practices from the OCIMF

October 14, 2018

OCIMF releases new information paper on best practices for conducting navigational assessments OCIMF has today released a new information paper on best practices for conducting navigational assessments, called A Guide to Best Practice for Navigational Assessments and Audits. Navigational assessments and audits help vessel owners, operators and Masters to identify areas for improvement and increase safety. They also assure companies that high standards of navigation and watchkeeping are being maintained….


OCIMF releases new information paper Safety Critical Equipment and Spare Parts Guidance

April 6, 2018

29 March 2018 – (London) Addressing the need for clear and consistently applied definitions of ‘critical spares’ and ‘critical equipment’ across the industry, this information paper provides guidance on the identification of safety critical spare parts for companies to consider when preparing a Safety Management System (SMS). The paper, released on 29 March 2018, introduces some boundary conditions to consider and walks through several steps that may be required to…


Is the neighbor’s green grass lacking morality?

March 28, 2016

Some time ago, I received an interesting email, using the term “morality”, or the lack thereof, in describing the offshore oil and gas industry. Morality is not often used in shipping, but maybe it ought to. I thought it was in interesting wording by a young professional, and in itself provided some insight in our maritime industry in general and its future. Here are parts of his emails, and my…


Canada’s register to add two crude tankers

June 29, 2014

MV Palva in Montreal, now owned by Transport Maritime St Laurent I’m back in Quebec, passing through Quebec City, on our way to Oswego, with a load of Aluminum ingots from the smelter in Sept Iles, bound for Mitsubishi. As we pass my “old stomping grounds” in Quebec City I see no signs of Valero’s “new” Panamax tankers. Apparently the whole deal and its details are quite hush, hush, but…


The CTA refuses a Waiver – Pinch me !

March 12, 2014

Actual Cdn. content may vary Stunned, amazed – “pinch me”, the Canada Transportation Agency has surprised me! You see, I started watching more closely the application and decision process of the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), several years ago, after my previous vessel was “displaced” by foreign tankers operating between Canadian ports. For whatever reason, our vessel, its entire crew, and its management lost the work we had been doing for…


Oh sure, why not ! Anybody else…

August 18, 2013

I partly attribute my loss of a good job, and those of my 20 shipmates last year, to the ability of cargo owners to be quickly granted Canada Transportation Act waiver – where foreign owned ships, who pay no Canadian income tax (among others), hire no Canadians, yet operate in Canadian waters, or between Canadian ports. As a guy who’s invested pretty heavily in a seagoing Marine Engineering career, and…


The large Hebron provider

January 5, 2013

Source – Super oil major, Exxon, and it’s partners, made it official today; they are committing to spending $14 billion on developing the Hebron offshore oil project in Eastern Canada. Situated in the Jeanne D’Arc Basin, about 350 km south east of St John’s in Newfoundland, the project will join nearby oil and gas operations Terra Nova, White Rose and the big one that launched it all, Hibernia. The…