End of year party at TC

January 5, 2021

The last week of 2020 saw a frenetic pace of Ships Safety Bulletins being released by Transport Canada, so I thought it may be good to list and introduce them to you, as they seem to be the new way in which TC does things now. Seafarer Medical validity extension – SSB 25/2020 in another signal that TC is moving further away from IMO’s STCW guidance, TC is extending Seafarer…



March 22, 2020

The maritime world is going into deep shock! The fact that most seafarers are toiling out of sight makes them particularly vulnerable, more so in this time without precedent. Book ended by the brutal Saudi Arabia – Russia oil price war, and the COVID19 pandemic and its economical impacts, professional seafarers are going to find themselves considerably challenged in the near future. In my view, the disastrous response by the…


TC Blast

July 3, 2019

In case you have missed it, here are some marine industry related newsbits from Transport Canada and related regulators: TP 13617 – Ballast Water Regulations Please note that TP 13617 for the new proposed Ballast Water Regulations can be accessed on the following website. Navigation Safety Regulations, 2019 Please note that the Navigation Safety Regulations, 2019 have been published in the Canada Gazette, Part I (http://www.gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p1/2019/2019-06-15/html/reg8-eng.html). The 90-day comment period…