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Main site update

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A new update has just been made to the main site - Martins Marine Engineering Page - Below is a summary of the new developments.

I am very please to present Retired Chief Engineer Verheijden's work on the Doxford opposed piston oil engine. The famous British engine conjures up memories in many engineer, but those engineers are quickly moving on, as does this history. The center piece of the area is a fascinating pictorial of the manufacturing process, and the machining skills that this process required. You will also find a gallery of damages; and detail drawings of various components along with videos, and background on Sun Ship in the USA, and numerous supporting documents. You may be already familiar with this material, as it was online for some time, but we are mirroring the site's content, so has not to lose it forever. If you wish to have some of your marine engineering works hosted with us for free, drop me a note.

Still in the Historical Area, you will find many new engineering drawings and general arrangements drawings. One I particularly like, the document on the now retired USCG Mackinaw, an icebreaker that operated in the Great Lakes. You also find lots of engine room layout drawings, engineering plans from way back and more, check it out.

Quite few new entries, probably around 25, were made in the ongoing developmental timeline of the diesel engines and other prime movers, as they pertains to shipping. In particular, entries focusing on early steam, Wartsila, and EMD's history were made as well as numerous other notable happenings.

Some new documents have been uploaded in the Ship's Library; read about the 2010 state of the industry from BRS, European based shipbrokers, an excellent insightful report. Over in the Machinery Area, you'll find a pocket guide for EMDs listing torques and parameters, and also Class NK's guided on preventing human errors. Quite a few new jokes in the "Ship's Lounge"; you can even download a handy guide to swears words and expressions in a multitude of languages. New visitor comment on "Canadian Income Tax on Seafarers" area. Also been adding lots of new maritime related links. As always just look for the , for new content.

Once again, I had to take down the Ship's Logbook, this time the spammers went too far, they actually changed my administrative passwords for the area. Although it is very nice to see visitors comments, it just not worth it to have that 'guestbook' feature running. The Spam bots are just too numerous and powerful. One day they may realize that all that effort pushing "mexican Vicodin" isn't worth it, at least I would hope so. Like I said, if you wish to send me a hello, just use email, and I will post your comments on the Ship's Log page. Thanks.
Doxford factory pictorial is featured in the latest update.
Doxford factory pictorial is featured in the latest update.
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