Sign up, approval by admin needed - nothing personal

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Sign up, approval by admin needed - nothing personal

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So it has come to this ! The Common Rail is under constant "attack" by spammers. I was hoping that the several layers of protection would be enough, yet keep the board easily accessible to the community, but alas, this has proven futile as the spammers have become more aggressive.

I spend a considerable amount of time making sure that the participants are not inundated with useless and irrelevant spam, time which is always short. So now instead of semi automatic approval of new "membership", new members will have to be approve by me or any other administrator.

I hope you will not be "frightened away" of the sign up process, it still remains easy, it will unfortunately not be as instant as before; so I do apologies for this.

In order to make the process as smooth as possible, I would ask that you take advantage of using the member's profile page, and fill out the appropriate answers, that way I will know for sure you are a real person, interested in this subject matter. If you have not been approved for a day or two, this is the most likely reason - I cant figure out if you are human or a spam bot and your application has been canceled.

Thanks, and I hope this will not take away from the experience.
Martin Leduc
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