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Job Searching

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Where are all the jobs to?, It seems like every one would rather hire on contracts now, versus permanent employees. I know companies need to have a boat to offer a position, but what happens when they have the boats but no one to fill the positions because an entire industry just gave up because their was no permanent jobs any more.

4th Class CoC Unlimited Available, by the way
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Re: Job Searching

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I have no idea what companies do or think anymore. I hear shortage, I see in the job ads, but the pay is crap, conditions terrible, and the shit and abuse is never-ending, almost like the whole purpose is to drive any TC classed engineers out of the business. Maybe that's why TC is recognizing non Canadian CoC now.

Good luck, im glad im on the down side of the career, because I can't stand the lack of even the simplest of human decency from current companies.
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