UK and Philippines added to Certificate of Recognition program by Transport Canada.

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UK and Philippines added to Certificate of Recognition program by Transport Canada.

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UK and Philippines added to Certificate of Recognition program by Transport Canada.
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Yesterday, Transport Canada issued a notice that they were now adding the UK to the growing list of countries whose certificate of competency (CoC) will be recognized by Transport Canada. The list of countries, now include Georgia, Ukraine, France, Norway, Australia in which they will issue a certificate of recognition, or equivalent to the Canadian CoC.

Today, Transport Canada issued another Ship Safety Bulletin announcing the recognition of CoCs issued by the Philippines.

I don't necessarily have a problem with such measures, but I do have a problem with Transport Canada which has not modernized or updated their training and certification standards to mirror those countries, who they are now recognizing. Our antiquated, difficult, irrelevant and out of touch, duplicitous certification system which has been such a "model of success" over the last few decades, especially for engineers, remains.

While it's clearly an underhand way to dismantle cabotage regulations to the benefit of a few ship owners, the larger Canadian fleet of small ferries, fishing, and service vessels will left even more out in the cold. It's mind boggling. I saw this happening about ten years ago, and that's why I haven't invested in my career - what's the point. However it feels like I'm the only one.

Does anyone care?

While I have no issues with facilitating the immigration process of new Canadians, and their establishment within Canadian society. I think we need more Canadian taxpayers with world experience. However I believe the truth of the matter, this will allow the use and exploitation of Temporary Foreign Workers because at the end of the day, wages in Canada do not meet the cost of living in Canadian communities. This will further exacerbate the lack of locals entering the seafaring community, providing the many services small operators provide in Canada.
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