Westfalia GEA OSE-10 Hfo purifier

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Westfalia GEA OSE-10 Hfo purifier

Post by abhigaurav18 »

Good day
I stuck with one pblm HFO no-2 purifier(westfalia) all events are linked
- purifier trip on motor high temp. After reseting frm inside panel..

2nd alarm came after 60 mins
- WMS OPEN TOO OFTEN - I increase the set timer upto from 60 mins to 5 hrs... Still alarm is coming after 5 hrs
- continous water and oil mixture is come out from water discharge valve (v6) as well as it is stuck in open condition (1) - it should not come out
- for every after 10 -15 secs gaps (during running condition of purifier- when feed valve is open, displacement nd filling water solenoid valve is active..- giving continous water from top.
- sms actual value is showing like this- 0.1 bar (max)
Kindly advice on above pblm.
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Re: Westfalia GEA OSE-10 Hfo purifier

Post by popeye62 »

Hello abhigaurav. I'm not sure how the overheating of the motor and operational problem with WMS is linked. Is this the first alarm, the motor tripping? How often does it occur? 'The second alarm comes after 60 minutes' the 'WMS OPEN TO OFTEN' What is the address or tag number of this alarm? The timer you increased, is it TR1? Did the alarm come at the same time as ejection, presuming the separation time is 60 minutes? The valve V6, why do you say it is stuck open? It is open because water has been detected and it is trying to shift it out through the dirty water outlet, no? Check the settings for displacement/filling water. Re. the low SMS pressure, if the pressure transmitters have been changed and proven then the pressure isn't there. Perhaps the pressure is low because V6 is open? When it's running, with the feed on what happens if you shut the displacement water (filling valve) manually? Does oil come out of V6? Does V6 close automatically?
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