westfalia Purifier Problem

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Re: westfalia Purifier Problem

Post by Rian »

Hello my name is rian, i have gea purifier too type osd 5 , i have a problem that bowl cannot discharge and open , purifier bowl completed check and all o rings were replaced, water block strainer was cleaned too , manually overides the solenoid valves but still no any sound of discharging , any advice to solve the problem? Thx you
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Re: westfalia Purifier Problem

Post by Michael »

Good day.

My name is Michael please i need assistance with the present issue i am experiencing on the Westfalia DO Separator OSE 5-91-037_4. After the starting circle have been completed and purifier attained the required speed, purification starts and fuel oil start discharging but the "Clean fuel discharge pressure still reads 0.0bar" after some few minutes, it brings alarm on the displace screen (PAL 1 Clean oil discharge , please check valve setting V7).

Please what will i do to rectify this present issue.
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Re: westfalia Purifier Problem

Post by popeye62 »

Hello Michael. Have you tried all of the following?
From the manual.
**********Text displaying #44 for PAL 1 (pressure low)
Clean oil discharge valve (product discharge valve) V7 open too wide - Check valve position.
Feed capacity reduced - Check feed capacity. Try increasing the throughput.
Set point of PT1 set too high. Check set point.
Water pressure for hydraulics during water closing pulse T06 too high, bowl has opened. - Check T06.
Feed pump failure - check feed pump.
Feed pump speed low - check frequency converter.
Feed valve V1 in recirculation position - check V1
Overflow to water side - check filling water volume.
Pump running wrong way - check rotation.
Bowl gaskets leak - Check gaskets; replace if necessary.
Alarm delay T07 too short - check setting.
Alarm bridging T11 too short - check setting.*********
Good luck, John
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Re: westfalia Purifier Problem

Post by vikasp »

I am vikas,I am 4/E of chemical tanker,I have same problem with my L.O purifier and the model is westfalia GEA OSD 591067.
After starting the purifier after 15-20min, the purifier will be stopped showing in panel "PAL1 CLEAN OIL DISCHARGE.
valve setting v7/feed capacity setting pt1 for PAL/water pressure for opened valve v3/timer06/t07alarm delay/quantity of water/bowl not sealed.
We are checked and tried out everything.
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