Journeyman certificates

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Journeyman certificates

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Has anyone got a journeyman ticket such as electrical HVEC while working as a marine engineer? I contacted the local apprenticeship department and they said I have to be hired with the trade.
If you get one how did you get it and any troubles?

Thank you
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Re: Journeyman certificates

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The program i went through, BC Marine Engineering Apprenticeship, was technically a RedSeal program administered by the Government of BC. My assumption was that I was to be issued a Red Seal / Trades Qualification Certificate, but I wanted to get to work, so I asked what the end goal of the program was, the fourth class CoC was the answer. I never bothered getting my TQ. Just got my TC 4th CoC and went to sea.

It is a pretty piece of paper, but ultimately Transport Canada is the Certificate that's required. So I dont understand why they would be asking for it.
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Re: Journeyman certificates

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Hi Martin,
Yeah I don't think we're talking about the same thing as the OP but I did the same apprenticeship programme at PMTI. I recall that they wanted to wrap up our class cohort early because they were going to change the programme, this was the early 80's or so. So our last two years were squeezed into one year but the apprenticeship and qualifying for a 4th class cert wouldn't be complete until the indentured time was completed. So a couple of years after we graduated I received a Red Seal trade cert. I think it was actually a provincial trade cert in Marine Engineering which was pretty cool because it was a "Red Seal" certificate. Our apprenticeship programme was replaced by the Cadet system which I think was unfortunate because an apprenticeship was a positive thing for marine engineering to have that Canadian recognition as a trade.

Regarding the OP, the trades generally want to see academic and job experience directly under their specific trade regime (under a journeyman). Kind of an exception to this is Power Engineering where they would give Marine Engineers good credit (or exemptions if you prefer) for our sea time but you still had to write (and pass) the exam requirements, much like Up The Haws-pipe.

Somewhat related to this - sometime later I looked into shifting to a Mechanical Engineering professional designation and they said there would be some exemptions but only for some first & second year stuff, still much university to be done but they sounded accommodating. I suspect it's different now.
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