TC 2nd/3rd for Seabase in NFLD

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TC 2nd/3rd for Seabase in NFLD

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Chief Engineer (2nd/3rd Class Marine Engineering COC)
Seabase Newfoundland Limited
St. John's, NL
$800–$875 a day - Full-time, Permanent

Seabase Newfoundland Limited

St. John’s, NL

Chief Engineer

Job Overview

The Chief Engineer shall execute administration, management and supervision within his scope of responsibility, in order to ensure that tasks are performed in a manner that fulfils compliance with relevant legislation, class requirements, and the Company's Management System.

The Chief Engineer can in conjunction with the Master delegate supervision and control of maintenance and repair of navigation, communication, deck and hull items to deck officers.

The Chief Engineer shall, in conjunction with the Master, control and distribute the daily responsibility for the inspection and check of lifesaving, fire prevention, firefighting and other emergency equipment.


High School Diploma or Equivalent
Second Class/Third Class Marine Engineering Certificate of Competency

Proven track record in relevant experience within the marine/fishing sector;
Demonstrated Leadership Ability, communicating with charterers, safety leadership and employee/team development.
MED in Basic Safety Training

MED in Survival Craft Training

MED in Advanced Firefighting

MED for Senior Officers

Able to operate software applications as applicable to the position.
Must pass Physical (Marine Medical with no restrictions, Drug Screen and Background Check).
Marine Advanced First Aid

WHMIS 2015

Valid Canadian Passport


Keep the Master and appropriate departments ashore well informed so that they can co-ordinate and control activities toward maximum safety, environmental protection and quality.
Allocate duties to relevant personnel associated with operation, watch, maintenance and repair in accordance with Company's procedures and to the requirements of the on-board Management Team.
In all respects be responsible for conducting his duties, and to deal with authorities, customers, charters, agents and suppliers, in the best interest of the company.
Ensure the safe and correct running of main engine, auxiliary engines and all such primary/secondary equipment and systems, in accordance with manufacturers' instructions and in keeping with Company procedures.

Understand the parameters to ensure efficient maintenance and operation of engine plants, i.e. fuel efficiency, power analysis and systems heat balance.
Understand the various ship handling and emergency factors with respect to engine and rudder movements when the vessel is being maneuvered under controlled and uncontrolled conditions.
Ensure that precautions are taken in order to avoid uncontrolled starting up of propulsion machinery during port stays.
Control the consumption of fuel and water in order that the Master can ensure that the vessel carries adequate stocks of fuel and water consistent with the Owner's requirements.
Ensure the vessel carries adequate stocks of stores and spares and lube oils with respect to maintenance and repair and consistent with the Owner's requirements.
Supervise, control and verify the application and consumption of fuel, spare parts and stores.
Documentation of control and review of maintenance, repairs, additions, changes and modifications
Control and review both cost and work practices in order to ensure that maximum efficiency is being obtained by own personnel and contractors and take corrective measures when results do not meet requirements.
Realize the need for management systems and procedures, particularly in areas of emergency, malfunction safety back up, contingency planning and protection of the environment.
Be aware of the importance of providing information to other functions, particularly in matters which increase risk and have a potential detrimental effect on safety and environmental protection.
Ensure availability of a repair log where anyone observing defects can write the observation.
Ensure that the repair log is reviewed at the management meetings.
Ensure that chemicals are used in a safe and responsible way and the least hazardous chemicals are used.
Recognize non-compliance with a specific requirement and analyze the reason for the non-compliance. Ensure personnel are aware of, the reason for the non-compliance and how same is to be permanently eliminated in future.
Understand the importance of briefing and debriefing to ensure efficient teamwork.
Compile standing orders and ensure that these are readily available for the reference of the staff and that they fully understand the requirements contained therein. Copies of these instructions must be displayed at appropriate locations.
Ensure that the Engineering Team is kept continuously informed of all matters concerning operation, maintenance and repair, enabling him to take over in cases of necessity.

It is the objective of Seabase Newfoundland Limited to ensure employment equity within the workplace. We encourage applications from Aboriginal peoples, visible minorities, women, and persons with disabilities having the capability, qualifications, and experience to make application for this position.

Qualified residents of the province of Canada will be given first consideration for these positions.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: $800.00-$875.00 per day


Dental care
Extended health care


12 hour shift

Hiring Insights

Hiring 2 candidates for this role

Urgently hiring ... ker_emails
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