Cadet seeking internship

If you do not hold a Marine Engineering license, but are on the way there, and would like to announce your availability, do so here.
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Cadet seeking internship

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Hi, im just about to complete my first year of marine engineeering at nscc and am available for sea-time internship I. If you would lke to see my resume just send me a message and il send you a copy. My email is [email protected]
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Re: Cadet seeking internship

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Good for you! It shows initiative to go out and shake trees on your own. No doubt NSCC has a list of prospective employers who would carry unpaid slave labour. (Tell Ricky and Clint I said that!) I know they'll be in touch with their contacts for co-op parts of the Programme, but keep on doing what you're doing, drive and desire on the part of a cadet scores high on Company values in regard to new cadets. Give 'er!

One more thing, don't wait for requests for resumes, they will never arrive. If a Company is inundated with applications for employment and internships, why should they request any? Look at Martin's employment pages here and send a short resume with cover letter to all of them by e-mail. (attachments should include all MEDs, a photo and Seafarers Medical to date) Out of 100 you may get three or four replies back and most of them will be "thanks but no thanks" ........but there's always a chance that there will be one offer.

When you are working on a reply percentage of 3 to 4%, obviously, the more you put out, the better the chance of a reply and the more replies you get, the better the chances of a position as engine room slave. The more unpaid slave positions you fill, and work well at them, the better the chance of a contract position and a berth on a ship...with atual cash money paid to you!

Don't be fooled of the "crew shortage" myth, there's lots and lots of third world crews who will work for $30 a month, there is no shortage of crew for ships. Preference, of course, is for trained, competent Officers and Canada rates right up there in the top 4 as regards to Certification. With a Canadian STCW Certificate, you can go anywhere in the world and be issued any country's STCW Certificate of Competence. If you are interested, Bay Ferries runs the fast cat ferry between Trinidad and Tobago, and they are looking for Engineers. They may consider a Cadet intern, but the problem there is work visas for T&T. They also run the PEI ferries, Caribou to Wood Island. The addy is here.

ATTN: Ashlee London – NFL Careers
Recruitment Consultant, Island Recruiting
[email protected]
Fax: (902) 367-3798 Phone: (902) 367-3797
119 Queen Street, Suite 101 Charlottetown, PEI C1A 4B3

Ashlee is expecting your resume, (I talked to her today) so git yer arse in gear.

Call Marine Atlantic, Secunda, Svitzer and Irving too, they all look for free labour.
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