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Account deleted

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Here is an email I just sent out to all forum registered users, regarding some accounts that have been deleted...

I apologize for the intrusion on your time.

Just a quick note to let you know of some events at the Common Rail, the forum area of Martin's Marine Engineering Page at

We have made visual, and more importantly, back of house upgrades to the area. I hope you appreciate the improvements and take advantage of the new features. Unfortunately those of you who registered but are not active members (have not made any post this year) may have to re register from today, as your accounts were deleted in an ongoing battle with spammers.

Spammer use our server's resources to mass email and create havoc we all don't appreciate, not to mention spamming our community. It is dificult to tell them apart from just an email address. I do apologize for the inconvenience of re registering, but it is a quick process.

I have also added several new fields on the profile, and sign up pages, which I hope you will take advantage of. As always if you ever have any question or comments, feel free to send me an email or make a post, under the "website questions" area of the forum.

Thanks for your continued participation and support for your maritime community.

The following accounts were deleted, once again I do apologize for the inconvenience. ML

» bypass [Administrate user]
» Descartes R. Ruung [Administrate user]
» mikehfx [Administrate user]
» Rat [Administrate user]
» madrascp [Administrate user]
» Aslam Azhar [Administrate user]
» Anatolijs [Administrate user]
» brkirby [Administrate user]
» moki [Administrate user]
» bradmackay22 [Administrate user]
» chosenjaguar [Administrate user]
» nabil abbassi [Administrate user]
» BradleyMacKay [Administrate user]
» freedom [Administrate user]
» Juraj Jakubik [Administrate user]
» yusufte [Administrate user]
» erkan [Administrate user]
» Andalucia [Administrate user]
» NickMahony [Administrate user]
» Raykov [Administrate user]
» E.LACROIX [Administrate user]
» gvignolo [Administrate user]
» andyparkyn [Administrate user]
» Onedin [Administrate user]
» [email protected] [Administrate user]
» chris groundwater [Administrate user]
» Brian mcmunngle [Administrate user]
» alexander solonikov [Administrate user]
» Jerzy Radomski [Administrate user]
» M.Berger [Administrate user]
» derek.john [Administrate user]
» Ashish [Administrate user]
» colleen82 [Administrate user]
» KORSAR [Administrate user]
» darryl [Administrate user]
» raa100 [Administrate user]
» Jacky [Administrate user]
» jerzyk [Administrate user]
» masiul [Administrate user]
» emuman [Administrate user]
» bharathora [Administrate user]
» carph33 [Administrate user]
» anmol [Administrate user]
» Alex.v [Administrate user]
» anasar [Administrate user]
» ashifce [Administrate user]
» taymour [Administrate user]
» UNIMARS [Administrate user]
» leechien2 [Administrate user]
» trent [Administrate user]
» acadie53 [Administrate user]
» bdunbar [Administrate user]
» R0MAN [Administrate user]
» lisaengine [Administrate user]
» Placido [Administrate user]
» daave11 [Administrate user]
» david beazley-jr. [Administrate user]
» edwardkemp [Administrate user]
» jsallstrom [Administrate user]
» rmcdowall [Administrate user]
» elmer piansay [Administrate user]
» Ross Daniels [Administrate user]
» Dustin905 [Administrate user]
» marker_in [Administrate user]
» markot [Administrate user]
» tinna [Administrate user]
» markharnett [Administrate user]
» Bluebags [Administrate user]
» toanui [Administrate user]
» shubiekid [Administrate user]
» aslam [Administrate user]
» olegmalakhov [Administrate user]
» kperic [Administrate user]
» jalal [Administrate user]
» VIJAY [Administrate user]
» OTENNO [Administrate user]
» K.R.VINOTHU [Administrate user]
» johnh [Administrate user]
» alburgs [Administrate user]
» Gaj [Administrate user]
» nilit42 [Administrate user]
» luke-87 [Administrate user]
» ahmed,
dwight mackay,
mike janes,
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