TC engineer for NS FV

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TC engineer for NS FV

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Chief Engineer
Mersey Seafoods Limited
Liverpool, NS

Mersey Seafoods Limited
P. O. Box 1290, 26 Bristol Avenue
Liverpool, Nova Scotia B0T 1K0
PH: 902-354-3467 FAX: 902-354-2319


POSITION: Chief Engineer

SUMMARY: The Chief Engineer reports to the Captain and Marine Management Team and will work closely with the Marine Management Team and Maintenance Crew.

The function of this position is, while working with the engineering and maintenance staff, to ensure that the vessel and its equipment is properly maintained through both short term and long-term maintenance and kept at the highest possible standard at all times. Effort will be required both while the vessel is at sea and while in port to accomplish the below duties and responsibilities.



The Chief Engineer must work together with the Captain to ensure the safety of the crew and the vessel are of the utmost importance at all times.
Ensure the vessel is operated in a safe and prudent manner exercising good seamanship skills at all times.
Ensure the vessel and equipment is operated in strict compliance with the Company policies and procedures and Classification Society.
Report any defective equipment that requires repair or replacement that affects the safety and seaworthiness of the vessel to the Captain and Marine Management Team.
Enforce safe work procedures, policies and the wearing of personal protective equipment.
Ensure safety equipment is inspected and kept in good working order.
Work in team atmosphere with other departments on vessel.


The Chief Engineer is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all shipboard equipment. With the aid of his co-workers he must ensure all maintenance is performed and tracked in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Ensure maximum efficiency in the operation of the vessel is achieved by working in unison with the Vessel’s Navigation officers and Factory watch supervisors so that they may maximize the vessels factory’s flow and production.
Ensure the vessel and vessel’s equipment is handled with the highest level of care to minimize repairs and maintenance, and to maintain cost-effective operation.
Carry out maintenance and repairs in the engine room, factories, and deck areas with assistance from factory and deck personnel when possible.
Carry out daily inspections of the vessel and its equipment to ensure it is kept in proper working order.
Carry out and ensure daily greasing and maintenance of the vessel and equipment is done.
Work with Marine Management Team to develop both short term and long term maintenance programs.
Work with Marine Management Team on refit planning and scheduling of maintenance planning.
Work with Marine Management Team to keep all records of continued inspections and repairs on ship’s equipment done by Ship’s Engineers for Transport Canada and classification societies.
Keep all machinery spaces clean, neat and tidy at all times. Clean and painting of spaces is to be an ongoing long-term process.


Work with the Marine Management Team to ensure the vessel is ready to sail at the date and time specified by Mersey.
Work with the Marine Management Team to manage the vessel’s turnarounds and maintenance layovers.
Management of vessel maintenance and contractors’ in unison with the Captain and Marine Management Team.
Work with the Marine Management Team to schedule work and work crews with shore personnel.


Ensure the engine room personnel are given good, clear direction on required maintenance and work to be carried out on the vessel’s equipment, in all areas (deck, factory, engine room)
Ensure the Deck and Factory supervisors are given good, clear direction on required operation and maintenance work to be carried out in their respective areas.


Ensure accuracy & completeness of information recorded in all logbooks and reports.
Ensure the Marine Management Team is made aware of any issues outside of the normal day-to-day operation of the vessel that may affect the operation.
Notify the Marine Management Team of upcoming due dates of inspections and assist in organizing these inspections.
Attend Meetings as required.
Attend training as required to meet or exceed the requirement of the job.
Must keep all other certificates current.


Must possess a Valid Engineer’s motor certificate with continued proficiency endorsement to meet the job requirement.
A Commercial fishing license
Valid Marine Advanced First Aid
Valid Seafarers Medical
Must show leadership ability and skill in handling diverse groups of people in sometimes difficult situations.
Must show good judgement and ability to develop others by using skills and knowledge.
Must work as a team player with other Managers to ensure costs are kept to a minimum, operations are maintained in good order, and a quality product is harvested.
Must communicate well with others and provide clear direction to subordinates.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $180,000.00-$220,000.00 per year


Dental care
Extended health care
Vision care

Flexible Language Requirement:

French not required

COVID-19 considerations:
All Employees MUST be double vaccinated. ... -p4y7jYL8k
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