TC 3rd/4th Class for Amix

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TC 3rd/4th Class for Amix

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Amix Marine is looking for 1 Marine Engineer for a permanent full-time position, with the required qualifications are listed below:

• As an onboard Engineer, the position holder will be responsible for ensuring servicing, mechanical maintenance, and effective operation of a tugboat during operations in Canada and internationally.
• Responsibilities:
• Ensure proper functioning of on-board equipment during vessel voyages
• Perform repairs and maintenance of the engine room and on-board equipment
• Take part in maintenance and repair operations during dry docks
• Perform specific maintenance routines for each machine or equipment according to applicable procedures and requirements
• Monitor the functioning parameters of engines and report any malfunction
• Ensure that policies on safety and environmental protection are followed
• Perform other related duties, as required

• Hold a Canadian STCW-95 Second Class motor marine engineering certificate or STCW-95 Third Class motor marine or at a minimum a STCW-95 fourth Class motor marine certificate.
• Good knowledge of diesel motor mechanics
• Have a valid Canadian passport
• Experience as a marine engineer would be an asset for the position
• Good knowledge of hydraulic systems
• Have analysis capacities for problem solving and corrective maintenance
• Comfortable working on a computer with Microsoft Office
• Available and willing to travel
• Self-sufficient, organized and showing positive leadership
• Enjoy teamwork

As a family-owned company founded in 1971 in the scrap metal recycling industry, Amix has since expanded into a wide range of services, including marine salvage, marine projects, marine towing and barging, concrete sales and steel distribution. The Amix Group consists of five companies providing specialized and quality service. These companies include Amix Marine Projects, Amix Marine Service, Amix Marine Salvage, Western Concrete, and Amix Steel and Surplus.
Amix Marine Services provides tugs, barges, marine crews, and other resources to our coastal marine community. Our Marine Services fleet includes International Load Lined equipment that allows us to transport cargo anywhere between Canada and the US. The Amix fleet also includes crane barges, floats, workboats, and other marine equipment. The fleet is dispatched through our homeport of Campbell River, BC and operates typically between the North Coast of BC and Coos Bay Oregon.

If you or someone you know is interested and qualified for this position, please contact Captain Simon Paterson at [email protected] or 778-792-5331.
Martin Leduc
Certified Marine Engineer and Webmaster
Martin's Marine Engineering Page
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